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Keeper's Of the 'Buch

Our Holy Brewdoms


Find This Fizzy Ferment at the Following
Friend's of Our's:

Benton, PA

-Country Fresh (32oz bottles)

Bloomsburg, PA

- Bloom Naturally (32oz bottles)

-Crest Haven Farmers Market Bloomsburg (32oz bottles)

- Root 11 Bistro (by the glass)

Danville, PA

- Bloom Naturally (32oz bottles)

- Bason Coffee Roasting

- Crest Haven Farmers Market (32oz bottles)

Hillsgrove, PA

- McCarty's Mercantile (32oz bottles)

Hughesville, PA

- Kathy's Cafe (by the glass, flight, & 32oz)

Lewisburg, PA

- Crossroads Farm Deliver (32oz bottles)

- Clever Crow's Farm Fresh Delivery (32oz bottles)

-Lewisburg Farmers Market


- The Two Owls Grocery (32oz bottles)

Sunbury, PA

-Ross Family Farm Creamery (32oz bottles)

Williamsport, PA 

- Saturday's at the Williamsport Growers Market (mostly 32oz bottles; occasionally 16oz bottles)

- Sawhorse Cafe (32oz bottles)


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