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Good Juju Co. 


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Just when you thought kombucha was only meh - Good Juju Company comes along and sweeps your taste buds off their tiny taste bud feet!

Partners in love, life, and the pursuit of kombucha brewing, John and Kaitlyn Andrezze, from Benton, PA, took their many years of kombucha experience and founded Good Juju Company in 2018.

They are bound and determined to share with the world a kombucha that is so pure it can be felt and so tasty it can't be forgotten!

GJC Kombucha obtained and maintains it's big reputation by having high manufacturing standards that ensure high quality product.

They do this by using fresh clean mountain-spring water, organic whole leaf teas, organically grown produce, and organic pure cane sugar.

These and some other manufacturing essentials are part of the magical formula that ensures that all those "Mama Scoby's" stay happy and continue pumping out all those yummy healthy bacteria and yeasts that our bodies love!  

Palate Pleasers.

Even if you haven't tried it yet, Good Juju Co. Kombucha is prepped to please any palate! 

Good Juju Company's Master Brewer's have spent years formulating flavor profiles that compliment the vinegary tones that are produced through fermentation. Kombucha doesn’t need to taste like a vinegar shot! 

Small batches are brewed and bottled weekly then delivered fresh to retailers. 

It doesn't get fresher than that!

Ok now, fair warning, this flavor list may entice cravings.

Keepers of the 'Buch.

A-list of locations to get this fermentated drinkable bliss!

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