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You can now enjoy Good Juju Company Kombucha outside of North East Pennsylvania thanks to our new “Kombucha In A Bag!”


We have tested and approved Astropaks as our choice shipping container! The Astropaks have durability and flexibility where rigid glass bottles do not. They’re also lightweight so the shipping costs are not through the roof. Also, we can attest to the kombucha mother withstanding the freezing and thawing process.


We pour the fresh kombucha in to the bags, seal them, then immediately freeze them. This ensures they stay cold as they travel to your doorstep.

Kombucha In A Bag (750 ml)

  • Once your “Booch In A Bag” has arrived, you can simply remove the pour spout seal and pop it in your refrigerator OR you can remove the seal to then pour in to one of your own glass containers.

    Due to the nature of our product, we will not accept booch bag returns, but please contact us with any issues and we will work with you to resolve on a case by case basis.

  • Our brewing process is 15 days. So, depending on our inventory at the time of receiving your order, you order may ship within a few days or up to a week/2 weeks. 

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